The Time Has Come

I’ve always known this day would one day be a reality, but it always seemed so far off in the future.

Not anymore.

My last child graduated earlier this year and I’ve moved on to build a business that allows me to work from home.

If you still need support for your Weaver homeschooling journey, you can find it in the Facebook group. All the files in the Yahoo Group are still accessible as well (u-interlock, u-weaver, & weaver7-12).

As I have time, I’ll be moving old blog posts over to my homeschooling blog, The HOME Writer. I still desire to encourage homeschooling moms. I also desire to encourage retired homeschooling moms, so there’s a blog for that as well.

This site “expires” on June 17, 2019, but the blog expired in October of 2018. It was a last-minute decision to shut it down when the blog expired, so I apologize–if you need any info from this site, just ask in the Facebook group and I’ll get it into the files.

I cannot leave without thanking some very, very special ladies:




(there are actually 3 Jennifers!)










… I’m sure I’m forgetting many of you, but you know who you are!

You have all been so instrumental in my own homeschooling journey. You’ve prayed for me, for this site and the ministry it has been, for my children, and for my husband. The Unofficial Weaver would not have happened without you!

May God bless each of you as you complete this journey, too. And if you ever need to contact me, you know where to find me. 😉