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Unofficial Weaver Pages

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Address Box

You may want more than one of these boxes. I keep a small one by my computer for the names and contact info of people I meet on-line, and another on top of the file cabinet for family and close friends as a Master Box. Use regular alphabetical dividers for this box, and use 4"x6" cards for the Master Box. On the front, at the left side, list name, address, phone number and email address. On the right side, list the names of all the people in the house, anniversary and birth dates, and any miscellaneous notes about the person or family. Divide the back into three narrow columns and mark them year, sent and received. Whenever you send a birthday, anniversary or Christmas card, mark the year and type of card sent. If you receive a card or letter, mark it in the received column.

If you want to carry this box one step further, place 12 cards at the front of the box, one labeled with each month. On each corresponding card, list the name and birthday/anniversary of a friend or family member. Then keep the current month's card at the front of the box so you know when to send out the next card.

Game Box

This box will come in handy when your children say, "Mom, I'm bored!" Write down the basic instructions for various games you enjoyed as a child. Use regular, alphabetical dividers, and then color-code the tops of the cards with highlighters: green for outdoor activities like Tag, Kickball and Badminton; pink for card games like Solitaire, Rummy, and King’s Corners; blue for board games like Checkers, Chess, and Hyena Chase; and yellow for pencil and paper games, like Capture the Square, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Hangman. The next time you take a road trip, gather up a bunch of the pink and yellow cards to take along!

Prayer Request Box

Keep this box near your phone or computer so you can add to it easily. Use month dividers and keep an index in the front of the box. For example:



Mr. Jones' foot surgery

Dad's trip to TX
Chris's surgery

Smiths' move

This index will help you find previous prayer requests quickly. By keeping the index to just a few key words for each request, you'll have plenty of room and still know who is in need of prayer throughout the year. Remember to periodically go through past months' requests with your family to continue in prayer for each situation, and to update the requests as needed.

Behind each month's divider, keep a card for each request, or place two or three on a card if you have many. Use the back of the cards for updates, answers and praises.


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